Race Tech has Hydraulic Preload Adjusters for G3-S Custom Series Shocks. For riders who demand more versatility. Whether you're riding two up or need a stiffer track day set up, the hassle of setting preload is over. This Hydraulic Preload Adjuster will make adjusting your preload a snap. No more hammer and punch, it's now just a simple turn of a knob or bolt.

There are 2 types with 4 different options. The 2 types are Remote or Integral. The Remote Adjuster has 2 mounting options, Radial or Axial. On the Integral Adjuster your 2 options are to have Adjuster access on the right or the left hand side of the shock.

G3-S Custom Series Shock with Remote Axial Mounted Adjuster (bottom) and Integral Left Sided Mounted Adjuster (top)

Remote Axial Mounted Adjuster

Race Tech Hydraulic Preload Adjuster model shown is our Integral Radial Left Sided Style


The Integral Style uses a 10mm Wrench or T-Handle



G3-S Custom Series Shock with Integral Hydraulic Preload Adjuster

Remote Mounted Preload Adjuster on a BMW K1200 GT