The ZRX stock shock has always been rebuildable but there was no way of improving its performance until now!

Race Tech is proud to introduce The ZRX Shock Gold Valve and Spring kits. You'll be amazed how the ZRX kit improves the ride quality of your bike. Instead of buying new shocks that are not custom set-up for your riding style or weight why not upgrade what you already have. The stock shocks are well built and are made of high quality materials. The only problem is the internal valving and spring rate. The valving lacks control and plushness and the springs are usually not the ideal rate for the riders weight.

By installing our Gold Valve and Spring kits you'll transform the stock shock from mediocre to a top performer. You'll be amazed at the difference, guaranteed! Race Tech also make Fork Gold Valve and HP Spring Kits for the front end of the ZRX, this will complete your bikes transformation. We guarantee it. Made in the U.S.A.

Race Tech has the fix for your ZRX rear shocks. Just click Here for Part Numbers and Pricing.

We also have Fork Gold Valve and Spring kits for the most ZRX Forks. For Produt Search Click Here