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NEW PRODUCT: Yamaha FZ09 G3-S Custom Shock Options 

Race Tech has recently released a full lineup of G3-S Custom Series Shocks for the Yamaha FZ09.  The stock shock on the Yamaha FZ09 comes with no reservoir or compression adjust and is non-rebuildable.  Race Tech is now offering custom-built replacement shocks to smooth out your ride.

Each Race Tech G3-S Custom Series Shock is built-to-order and personalized for you and your riding style.  Valving and spring rates are tailored to give you a smooth and balanced ride.  Race Tech G3-S Custom Series Shocks use Gold Valves to ensure a plush feel with drastically improved bottoming resistance.  

Race Tech offers a variety of shock options for the FZ09 including remote and non-remote reservoir options, ride height adjustment, as well as high and low speed compression adjustment.

Race Tech products are Made in the USA and 100% guaranteed to outperform even your highest expectations.


Part Number: RSSYA 30RRRNB Series

Retail Price: $749.99-$1199.99 (based on upgrade options)



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