Race Tech Trophy Cart Driver
Brooke Kawell

Brooke Kawell
Junior 1 Trophy Kart
Age 10 11-2-98

Drivers Goal: I would like to capture as many win's as possible and achieve a championship.

Races 2009

SXS Stadium Series
Lucas Oil Off Road Series
Ricky Johnson GP West Coast
National Off Road Race Series


Skin Industries
Iti Motorsports
Kal Gard
Race Tech
The N Factor
Ultra Shield's
K & N

Race results

4-11-09 SXS Stadium Series: 1st in Qualifying; 9th in Main (4th fastest lap time)
3-14-09 SXS Stadium Series: 4th in Qualifying; 3rd in Main (2nd fastest lap time)
2-21-09 SXS Stadium Series: 6th in Qualifying; 16th in Main (1st Junior 1 Stock)
11-8-08 SXS Stadium Series: 9th (2nd Junior 1 Stock)
11-7-08 MMR World Cup 7th
9-27-08 MMR 5th
9-6-08 SXS Stadium Series 9th (2nd Junior 1 stock)
8-30-08 MMR 4th
Go Kart Racing for 5 years
2nd Place Championship US Kart 2007