"The best you've ridden is the best you know."
- Paul Thede

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Why settle for a mediocre ride when you can experience the Gold Valve advantage? ►Get the Facts

"I can not tell you how impressed I am with your Gold Valves that I am using on both my 2008 KTM 990S. It made a HUGE difference. This bike used to be a bit of a pain to ride over long distances, but now it eats up a 1000 km trip and afterward it felt like I had only ridden around the block!"

"Thank you for a GREAT product!!"
 - Andre Eksteen



This video captures what most adventure riders seek; scenery, vesatility, a smooth ride and adventure. At Race Tech our Dual Sport suspension has been tested for performance and tuned for adventure. RT Hi-Performance Springs coupled with Gold Valves offer a ride second-to-none.

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NOTE : Most Dual Sport Models are listed under "Dirt".

CRF250L Upgrades

In 2013 Honda launched a new entry into the dual sport market with their very economical and extremely fun CRF250L. In stock form the forks feature a single spring design and a non-rebuildable rear shock. Race Tech went to work to on the CRF250L’s suspension, and we are excited with the results!

The front forks are pretty soft and mushy. The Fork Gold Valve Kit for this bike along with the Hi-Performance Spring Kit does wonders.

On the rear you have a choice of two G3-S Custom Shocks, one with an internal reservoir and the other with a remote reservoir that includes both Hi and Lo-Speed Compression Damping Adjustment. Either choice gives an impressive ride custom built for your needs.


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Race Tech's Complete
Shock Shaft Assemblies
DR650 and KLR650

Race Tech's Complete Shock Shaft Assemblies for 2000-09 DR650SE and 1987-07 KLR650 are a huge improvement. Each assembly includes a Gold Valve, Rebound Adjustment, and a Rebound Separator Valve.

The Shaft Assembly for the KLR650 converts the stock shock from an Emulsion design to an IFP (Internal Floating Piston) for a much needed improvement. The KLR can be lowered when you order for no additional charge.

The DR Shock Shaft Assembly has the option to lower the seat height during shock installation as it has two mounting holes in the clevis (shown above).  ►Read More!

DR650SE:  SMSA SU01 –  Add to cart
KLR650:  SMSA KA01 –  Add to cart

RT Hi-Performance Springs

Do you have the right springs in your bike? If not Race Tech can help. With over 500 RT Hi-Performance Fork and Shock Spring in stock we can assist you in choosing the right one. ►More Info

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G3-S Custom Series Shock for 1992-2012 KLR650

Race Tech offers a G3-S Custom Series Shock for 1992-2012 Kawasaki KLR650 models.  Each shock order is custom built featuring RT Hi-Performance Springs, Gold Valve, and a setting personalized for each rider and type of riding.  ►More Details.

Gold Valve
Shock Conversions
for Stock Shocks

Gold Valve Shock Conversions transform your stock shock into a custom valved, High Performance Suspension Component. Includes a Gold Valve, a complete rebuild, and RT Hi-Performance Shock Spring if needed. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. ►More Info

Shock Rebound Separator Valve™

Rebound Separator Valve replaces the OEM shock shaft nut with an asymetric valve. ►More Info

DR650SE/1987-07 KLR650

Do you love your DR650SE or KLR650 but need more performance from the suspension? This bike is a solid performer but valving and springs are way too soft.

Race Tech Upgrades:

    ► Gold Valve Emulators
    ► Shock Gold Valve
    ► RT Hi-Performance Fork and Shock Springs
    ► Shock Shaft Assemblies

See what a magazine editor says about his RT suspension upgrade.

Suspension Lowering

Do you need to lower your suspension for racing or just to fit the bike better? If so, Race Tech has been lowering motorcycles for years. Call 951-279-6655. ►More Info

G3-S Custom Series Shocks
for Adventure

Looking for an improved ride or in need a replacement for your old stock unit? Race Tech offers Custom G3-S Shocks for Dual Sport and Adventure motorcycles with options to suit your riding. ►More Details.

RT Hi-Performance
Progessive Shock Springs

If you have a KTM and need a shock spring RT P-Series Progressive Hi-Performance Shock Springs make an impressive difference. ►Learn More

Suspension performance is the secret to winning! It doesn't matter if you're on the Track or Street, you will be impressed at what we can do for your bike. Guaranteed