Type 2-5-6 BSA and Triumph 34.5mm Aluminum Slider Forks 1971-81


These are the 2 variations of the Triumph & BSA Damping Rods used on the Triumph & BSA Aluminum Slider Forks. The top nut is the only difference between them. Once top nut is removed and discarded the procedure outlined below is the same for each style.

The Gold Valve Emulators, Adapters, Piston Rings and Fork Springs are also the same applications for both styles. Note Race Tech Fork Springs are required with Gold Valves as stock and other aftermarket brands not compatible due to lenght, ID, etc.


After removing and discarding top nut, remove piston and check plate. Clean thoroughly and polish damping rod. Surface both sides of the piston and check plate with 400 grit wet/dry on a flat surface.

Drill quantity of 6 by 6mm (1/4") holes at the base of the damping rod at 90 degrees adjacent to the stock oil slot. Start with the lowest compression hole beginning at the lower end of the stock slot. Allow 10mm spacing between holes. 

An Emulator Adapter can be fabricated from 3/4" PVC supplied wtih Fork Spring Kit FRSP S2643 Series Spring kit. The adapter should be 15-20mm tall

It is important to use a tubing cutter (or lathe) for this process to ensure the edges of the adapter are square so that the Gold Valve and Fork Spring do not cock inside the fork.

If you prefer a nicer quality aluminum adapter use Race Tech FPEV AD3301 P. 

Apply Loctite to the threads, re-install the check plate and piston. Make sure the flat side of the piston is facing up, the recessed side facing down towards the check plate. Carefully tighten the piston onto the damping rod using a v-notch vise, shaft holder or similar method.

Hold the damping rod using a v-notch vise or similar method.

Carefully cut off the excess threaded portion of the damping rod from 2-3 threads above the piston.

Dress and deburr carefully, clean any metal shavings from the assembley 

Fit the FPPR 273022 Piston Rings onto the piston. Use you choice of hand fabicated PVC Adapter or FPEV AD3301 P Adapters shown.

Reassemble fork with Gold Valves, Adapters, install FRSP S2643 street springs or custom modified FRSP 2550 dirt fork springs and 15wt Fork Oil.