TNK Fork Tubes Distributed by RACE TECH

TNK fork tubes are OEM quality replacements. They are the highest quality and generally significantly less expensive than the original equipment. This is particularly true for upside-down forks as the fork bottom (axle clamp) is reused.

Note: On upside-down forks you must have a tool (TFTT 01) to remove and replace the fork tube from the fork bottom. Another option is to send your fork tubes to Race Tech for installation.

On selected models tubes are offered in four color options. The colored tubes are coated with titanium nitride to reduce friction. These tubes are not only a practical replacement but also look good.

Click the TNK Fork Tube Search or contact us at 951.279.6655. We now stock the entire TNK fork tube product line.

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Red (Copper)

Fork Tube Installation Tool for Upside-down Forks

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