Aaron Colton: AKA "The Child Prodigy" has been a Race Tech support rider since 2011. As the stunt riding scene grew into a national phenonmenon in 2005 a rumor began to circulate among the vetrans about a 13yr old kid who could ride at a competitive level. No one had really seen this so called "Child Prodigy" in person or online for that matter, so the rumor had been dismissed as a mere rumor.

Later that year Aaron came out and amazed the vetrans as he took them on at the StuntLife Shootout and Stuntoberfest on his Honda F4i. The rumors quickly rippled through message boards that the "Child Prodigy" was real.
Since then Aaron has gone on to win most of the competitions he's entered and has been setting the standard with his style and ability from a young age.

Aaron is now apart of the RedBull family of riders and has progressed to become one of the most well known stunt riders among the scene. He continues to travel the world to perform at shows and contests to promote motorcycle safety and the ability to follow your dreams.

We wish Aaron the best, and support him in all of his future endevours.