(a.k.a. SCUMMY)


Colin Morrison has been a Race Tech support rider since 1997. He was the very first freestyle rider Race Tech supported. Colin began riding at a young age but was never interested in the so called "Preppy" race scene. His "rough around the edges" appearance and rebellious ways led him to the FMX lifestyle. Colin had the drive to succeed in this industry and knew, if he stayed true to himself and his abilities, it would eventually pay off. In 2010 Colin started taking huge steps to becoming remembered as an FMX Pioneer when he became one of the first FMX riders to be in a motion picture. Colin plays a lead roll in the movie"BRO" and is also in the works on completeing a documentary on his childhood to prestige autobiography. And as if that wasn't enough for one year, Colin has his sites set on breaking Robbie Madison's 322ft long distance jump some time in 2011. Colin has always said he'd like to be known for "going BIG", and after 2010-2011 he will be, in more ways than one. We wish Colin the best on all of his new endevours.
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The crew at Race Tech have been there for me most of my career. Their suspension has always been on point and dialed for me every time. Without that I wouldnt have the confidence I do to push my limits each event. Thanks Race Tech, your support has helped get me where I am today.........