Jimmy Wood - has been a Race Tech support rider since 2006. Jimmy was introduced to racing at a young age by his father, a fellow racer. When he was finally big enough to throw a leg over a bike he and his cousin Alex started racing together. Jimmy says having a close family member as a competitor and friend was a positive influence on his racing development. Jimmy and Alex would motivate and encourage each other to go faster and do better as they continued to get older. Jimmy was given the opportunity to race at a pro level when he was 16yr and did better than expected. Jimmy and his dad decided this could become a lucrative career for him if he could improve on his already impressive pace. Since then, Jimmy has become one of the premier amateur road racers and currently has a reputation that supersedes him in the flat track community. In 2011 Jimmy took a big step and began his first national pro season in the AMA Flat Track series. This series is still in action so the results are yet to be known but we'll keep our support strong and our fingers crossed that Jimmy will prevail victorious. We look forward to working with Jimmy and encourage him to keep producing the outstanding results he has been accomplishing over the past years. Jimmy is a dear friend to the Race Tech family and we wish him nothing but the best on all his new endeavors.