Jolene VanVugt has become the most well known female FMX rider in the world. Her wildly insane participation in the Nitro Circus TV show has help her develop into one of the most humble and influencial females in action sports today. Jolene became a Race Tech Support Rider in 2009 and since has traveled the world participating in different FMX shows and events. As the tides began to shift in Jolene's career her popularity gained the momentum of a freight train enticing some of the larger sponsors to call. Jolene is now using this opportunity to lead DC shoe co. into a new era where she'll be a lead spokewoman for the DC shoe co. Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. DC shoe co. partnered with Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB), a non-profit organization that strives to increase breast cancer awareness among young women. Jolene will be hosting and attending a series of shows and events to promote Breast Cancer Awareness to the female youth. Keep tuned into for details.

We'd couldn't be more proud of the outstanding rolemodel and influence she has become. We wish Jolene the best with her new endeavours.