Mike Metzger: AKA "The God Father of Freestyle Motocross" has been a Race Tech support rider since 1998. He has been at the forefront and of the FMX movement since the beginning. Watching Mike grow and develop from a young free spirited teenager to the gentleman he's become today has been a remarkable journey. From his first back flip, to winning X-Games in 2002, to back flipping the Fountains at Caesars' Palace, it has been quite a ride. Mike's natural talent and passion is what drove him to become one of the most recognized riders of the sport, but his willingness to share his knowledge and experiences with the new generation of riders will carry on his legacy as one of the most influencial.

Mike is now paving the way for the next generation of riders who joined the FMX movement. He has begun teaching FMX seminars and "How To" classes at some local tracks encouraging kids to follow their dreams and live up to their potential. Mike has also created several "Free Ride" events that encourage the publics participation to join forces with his large group of MOB Syndicate FMX team riders to film the weekends events and promote the unity and brotherhood within the MX community.

We wish Mike the best, and support him in all of his future endevours.