Rebound Separator Valves

Race Tech's Rebound Separator Valves replace the Shock Shaft Nut with an asymmetric valve (it has a different flow rate in each direction).

Why is this needed? On a standard shock the Low Speed Rebound Adjuster flows the same on compression and rebound. In testing when the lowest speed rebound damping is quick enough to get good traction, the lowest speed compression damping is too mushy. This causes a vague feeling and bottoming on long duration hits like big dips or gullies in Dirt. For Pavement RSV's have the added benefit of pitch control (front to back movement during acceleration and braking). This keeps geometry more consistent.

The Rebound Separator Valve currently comes in M12x1.25 and M12x1.5 thread pitches. The Valve has a "jet" hole either pre-drilled or blank in its center. Because of all the possible bleed sizes the "blank jet" can be custom drilled. Recommended jet sizes are called out in the Race Tech Product Search. Instructions included.

Rebound Separator Valves Available
SMRS 1212500 - M12x1.25, no jet (blank)
SMRS 1212515 - M12x1.25, 1.5 mm bleed
SMRS 1215000 - M12x1.50, no jet (blank)
SMRS 1215015 - M12x1.50, 1.5 mm bleed

Special thanks to Terry Hay of Shock Treatment (Race Tech's Austrailian distributor and suspension technician) for the original design and testing on this product.