We wanted to give our customers the best quality powder coating available and the ability to to express their own style. After researching the process, we decided it made the most sense to offer this service ourselves. RT is proud to offer custom color powder coated shock springs. Get your stock spring powder coated the color of your choice. We have our own powder coating facility, this gives us complete control over the whole process from start to finish. Our turn around time is days instead of weeks. We will be doing basic colors and can accommodate special custom color orders at an additional charge.

Here are some things you'll need to know when you send your Springs in to be powder coated, springs need to be in good condition and clean. There will be additional charges to cleaning and prep springs that are not in proper powder coating condition. There will also be a $65.00 per spring charge for bead blasting to prep springs that are in poor condition.

Pricing for Standard Custom Spring Powder Coating:

  • Single Spring Standard Custom Color-$40.00
  • Pair of Springs Standard Custom Color-$60.00
  • Non-Standard Custom Color from-$80.00
  • Cleaning Fee-$25.00, applies to springs that are dirty but other wise in good condition.
  • Strip Blasting Fee-$65.00, applies to springs that need to be stripped of old paint, because they are unable to be Powder Coated in present condition.
  • All pricing subject to change without notice.

Standard Custom Spring Colors:

  • White, Black, Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow

NoN-Standard Custom Spring Colors: Call 951-279-6655