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Race Tech at Americade

Race Tech is excited to once again head to Americade in Lake George, NY. Race Tech will be showcasing our lineup of touring and sport touring products, answering your suspension questions, and enjoying a great time on two wheels! Also check out the Race Tech tour and stop by the booth to hear about our Americade Event Special Deals and pick up your free gift!


Testimonial from Reno Britt, National Drill Team Champion, www.centralfloridadrillteam.com

"My ride home from Lake George/Americade was smooth and exhilarating. Feeling the power of the Goldwing as I took the corners through the Catskills left me with quite an envious smile on my face. As I have explained numerous times this week to other riders, I finally found the rest of my horsepower through the set up of the Race Tech suspension. While I know that nothing is different with the engine, the suspension has allowed a very positive transference of torque to the tires. I am a believer!!!!!!! Thanks, Reno Britt"


Race Tech for Touring and Sport Touring
Go more miles with less wear and tear on your body with Race Tech Suspension on your touring bike. Each RT fork and shock setup is personalized for you and 100% guaranteed to improve comfort, control, and safety.

Through testing, Race Tech has found a majority of touring bikes are extremely soft in stock form causing a rough ride, excessive dive during braking, and limited ground clearance. Race Tech's suspension upgrades provide a plush initial feel to absorb the smaller chatter, drastically improved bottoming resistance, and excellent traction, control and predictability.

Check out what Race Tech offers for your bike!

TNK Fork Tubes for Touring Motorcycles

High quality replacement fork tubes for many applications, generally significantly less expensive than original equipment.

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ST1300 Gold Valve Fork Cap Kit

Keep your Honda ST1300 glued to the road and smooth out those jarring hits with a Gold Valve Fork Cap Kit. Externally the stock forks on the ST1300 offer no adjustment; therefore, fine tuning comfort easily is impossible. The Gold Valve Fork Cap Kit provides fully-adjustable external compression, rebound, and preload adjustment on your fork caps. Tuning your ST1300 has never been this easy.

Along with full external adjustment, each Kit includes Gold Valves and a personalized valving setup guaranteed to provide a better feel, more control, improved stability, and more consistent traction.

For the ultimate ST1300 suspension setup, combine the Gold Valve Fork Cap Kit with a Gold Valve Conversion or G3-S Custom Shock for the rear. Click the Read More button for details.


GL1800 Suspension Upgrades


Race Tech Suspension for the GL1800 is tested, proven, and guaranteed to provide an amazing ride. The stock suspension is under-sprung with the weight of the bike consuming 66% of the suspension's travel on the 2006-2010 models. This leads to a heavy, lazy feel and results in low ground clearance.

RT Hi-Performance Springs

Gold Valve Fork Kit with Emulator

Shock Option 1: Gold Valve Shock Conversion

Shock Option 2: G3-S Custom Series Shock


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