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New Product: Gold Valve Fork Kit for 2012-13 KTM 65SX

Race Tech has released to the public the long awaited and highly demanded Gold Valve Fork Kit for the 2012-13 KTM 65SX. Already championship proven by test rider and Team Junior USA member Aiden Tijero; this kit is a must have for any serious KTM 65SX racer providing factory level personalized suspension with every install.

The stock forks feature a design where the valve is out of the fluid when fully extended causing no damping for the initial part of the stroke. Once the rider compresses the suspension far enough damping is created causing a harsh feel. We have found the check plate and spring damping design to deflect initially and create a lack of settling and control. The stock emulsion style fork mixes oil and air together causing the forks to be prone to fading.

The Race Tech Gold Valve Fork Kit for the KTM 65SX (2012-2013) adds a Gold Valve and modern shim design valving to control damping, providing a plush initial feel with drastically improved bottoming resistance. In addition, a reservoir is added to seperate the air and oil providing a smoother and more consistent feel. Each setup is personalized for you and 100% guaranteed to exceed even your highest expectations.

"The suspension Race Tech has is just unbelievable," said 65cc National Champion Aiden Tijero. He continued, "The KTM 65 Gold Valve Kit helped me settle through the jumps and braking bumps. Before with huge braking bumps I would be kicked side to side and up and down, but once we got hooked up with the kit from Race Tech my suspension's perfect."

Race Tech also offers a Gold Valve Kit for the KTM 65SX shock and RT Hi-Performance Springs for the forks and shock to properly dial in your bike front and rear. Click here to see all the products for the 2013 KTM 65SX.

Part Number: FMGV 3101C

Retail Price: $349.99


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