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2014 Honda Grom Suspension Upgrades

Race Tech has recently released a full line up of Honda Grom suspension upgrades.  In stock form, the Honda Grom features mushy-feeling suspension that is extremely undersprung for most riders.  Race Tech's upgrades provide a plush feel while drastically improving bottoming resistance.  In addition, the Race Tech Gold Valve Fork Kit comes pre-assembled and adds nearly an inch of travel to the front suspension! Each setup is personalized for the rider, and shock options feature excellent adjustment not available on the stock setup.

G3-S Custom Series Shocks (some of the Grom options shown above)

Race Tech offers a variety of shock options to upgrade the Grom's rear suspension to fit your needs and  budget.  Each shock is custom setup featuring Gold Valves, a personalized valving setting and spring rate.  G3-S Custom Series Shocks are 100% guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations and are Made in the USA!

*color options are available too!

Visit product search for a full listing

Retail Prices range from $699.99 to $1099.99



RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs

The first step to a great handling motorcycle is proper spring rates.  In stock form, the Grom is extremely undersprung for adult riders.  RT Hi-Performance Springs are the best in the industry using only the highest quality processes and materials.

Retail Price: $149.99 (pair)


Fork Gold Valve Kit

Race Tech's Gold Valve Fork Kit for the Honda Grom provides a plush feel to absorb the smaller chatter while drastically improving bottoming resistance. This Gold Valve Kit is a pre-assembled "combo kit" that includes both compression and rebound Gold Valves as well as new longer damping rods. It is complete with a personalized valving setup. Test riders have found Gold Valves to provide an excellent increase in traction, consistency, and control.  

Retail Price: $299.99

Because of the high demand for Race Tech's Gold Valve Fork Kit and RT Hi-Performance Springs for the 2014 Honda Grom, we have created a digital, step by step install process for suspension tuners and do-it-yourselfers.  If you have additional questions about installing your Race Tech components, give our Tech Support department a call at 951.279.6655.  


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