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2005-06 Suzuki GSX-R1000

The Suzuki 2005-06 GSX-R1000 was a new design and at that time and ended up being ahead of its class. A substantial downfall of this bike is the stock suspension components. They are definitely worthy of  improvement.

The 43mm KYB forks are plenty beefy enough for racing and with the black Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating they are smooth with very little friction compared to other current forks. The standard modification is to install RT High Performance Springs for your weight and type of riding and install Gold Valves for a compliant yet firm ride. If you're looking for the best ride available we offer a G2-R 25mm Gold Valve Cartridge Kit that has all the trick coatings and the latest Gold Valves already included.

The rear shock has a 46mm aluminum body. This is the same size as an Ohlins and bigger than a Penske. The aluminum reduces any kind of fade problem you might encounter. With a Gold Valve installed I will guarantee it will work as good or better than any shock in the world. This bike has a frame mounted Ride Height Adjuster so chassis setups can be made to suit the particular track.

If you want the best shock available we now have G3-S Custom Series Shocks for this bike. These shocks are built to order. This means they come custom valved for the individual rider and conditions. Go to the main Sport/Street page for more details. These shocks are guaranteed, as is everything we do and sell.

Since we've become a Scheibner Mega-M.A.X. Center we have come to realize that proper chassis alignment has a hugh influence on traction and control (over 2 seconds per lap). More rear end grip coming out of the corners is what you will notice when properly setup. We highly recommend having your bike chassis setup if you are near a center.

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