Fork Tube & Shock Body Hard Anodizing

(aluminum only)

Many of today's stock upside-down forks come with the aluminum outer tubes hard anodized from the factory. Unfortunately the coating on many of them is very thin. In fact, some wear through in less than 10 hours of riding. Some forks, particularly conventional right-side-up forks, come from the factory with no hard anodizing at all.

The problem is, when the hard anodizing is worn through the bushing is riding on soft aluminum. The soft aluminum creates excessive friction. It's kind of like having the soles of your shoes made out of rubber and trying to walk on slick concrete. Well, for tennis shoes you would want the higher friction of rubber, but certainly not in forks.

The Hard Anodizing we offer is very high quality making the inside of the tube slippery simply due to its hardness. Another benefit of Hard Anodizing is its excellent resistance to wear. An aluminum shock body that has been Hard Anodized will wear like steel.


  • Anodizing is done immersed in a liquid and generally coats both the interior and exterior surfaces. If the color of the exterior surface is changed it is not legal in most Super Sport classes in road racing. It is possible to mask the exterior and eliminate the problem. NOTE: There is no guarantee on the masking.
  • Surfaces must be raw aluminum without any paint or clear coatings.
  • Turn around time is approximately 2-3 weeks depending on volume and the timing of the batches (we generally have a batch a week).