This pricing guide is for the following models, Honda CRF450, Kawasaki KLX450 and KXF450. Suzuki RMZ450, Yamaha YZF450 and WR450F.

The price per model may vary approximately $50.00 depending on specific modification performed. Call for pricing on models not listed.
Triple Clamps
Shorten & Move Bottom-Out Point Hardware
$15, Machine Circlip Groove $10, Mod Locknut $7
Spring Guides
Machine fork tube exterior for Clip-on's
Compression G2-R Gold Valves
Rebound Gold Valves
Fork Springs (custom)
Fork Rebuild Labor 
Ultra Slick Fluid
Clip-on Handlebars
Front Axle 20mm
Axle Nut
Oil Seals (pr)
Dust Seals (pr)
FORKS ONLY TOTAL  (plus tax)
Install Triple Clamps
Remove & Replace Front End (complete bike)
Axle Spacers, depends on type of wheels used
Disk Spacer, depends on type of wheels used
Radial Mount Fork Bottom (Left Only)
Radial Mount Fork Bottoms - (Pair)
Adjustable Radial Mount Fork Bottoms - (Pair)
Remove & Replace Fork Bottoms
OPTIONS TOTAL  (plus tax)
$749.99 to $1549.00

On the rear we shorten, change the bottoming point, custom valve a Gold Valve, re-spring, and add a Rebound Separator Valve.  It is vitally important we setup the proper rear anti-squat in this process.  Keep in mind the shock dimensions work hand-in-hand with the front end geometry.

Move Bottom-Out Point Hardware –
Mod bottom-out bumper
Lowering Spacers
Gold Valve Kit Conversion (in house)
Rear Spring
Rebound Separator Valve
Fork Rebuild Labor
Ultra Slick Fluid
Oil and Dust Seals
SHOCK ONLY TOTAL  (plus tax)
Remove & Replace Rear Shock (complete bike)
COMPLETE BIKE TOTAL  (plus tax) with options

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Catilyst Body Work - www.catalystracingcomposites.com You will need to make Rear Sets and an Instrument Mount racetech.com