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Engines Class
Engines Nov. 2022 Corona, CA, USA November 12,13 Race Tech
(951) 279-6655

 Tuition: $800

The Engines Seminar is for mid to advanced tuners.



Shop Skills Track Day Class
Suspension Nov. 2022 Corona, CA, USA November 5,6 November 7,8 TBA November 10,11 Race Tech
(951) 279-6655


 NOTE - Special Covid-19 precautions will be in effect including limited class size. Details to be announced.

Suspension Theory Class

Tuition: $609

Do you want to become a better suspension tuner for your race team, your business or just for yourself? Want to make profit on suspension performance?  How does suspension and valving really work?  Want to know the 'why' behind the 'what'? Not just guesses and rumors.

How do you gain knowledge on suspension theory without going to school for five or six years?  Where can you find correct information that's easy to understand and use? Even decades of practical experience won't teach you.

Race Tech's Paul Thede is now holding seminars on cutting edge suspension theory & practice. Paul graduated Summa Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic University, and has a distinguished technical background.  His 41 years of practical and professional  racing experience combine to benefit those interested in increasing their knowledge and earning power.  You can't afford to miss this seminar if you are seriously interested in state-of-the-art suspension technology.



He's convinced that the more you know, the more you'll choose Race Tech.


The first step is the Suspension Theory Class. It applies to Motorcycles, Automobiles and Bicycles for Dirt and Pavement.

Subjects covered:

    -  Suspension Theory
    -  Suspension Tuning
    -  Springs and Spring Theory
    -  Suspension Fluids
    -  Hydraulics
    -  Damping, Damping Curves
    -  Valving Theory, Valving System
    -  Shock and Fork Gold Valve Theory
    -  Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator Theory
    -  Testing Procedure
    -  Troubleshooting

Attended by engineers from major automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle manufacturers, as well as mechanics, tuners, and dads.

Shop Skills Class

Tuition: $609
Prerequisite: Suspension Theory Seminar

Race Tech's two-day cutting edge "Shop Skills" Suspension Seminar teaches how to properly service shocks and forks. Learn the newest techniques of suspension assembly, disassembly, setup and valving.This class takes the information learned in the Basic Seminar and applies it to the real world.

Note: Demonstrations are done by the instructor, students will not be getting oily (we hope).

Subjects covered:

    -  Fork Assembly and Disassembly
    -  Shock Assembly and Disassembly
    -  Valving
    -  Shock and Fork Gold Valve Installation
    -  Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator Installation
    -  Troubleshooting
    -  Spring Testing

Attended by engineers from major automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle manufacturers, as well as mechanics, tuners, and dads.

Track Day Class - Maybe (to be announced)

Tuition: $375
Prerequisite: none

This class is designed to teach students Race Tech's testing and development methods.  This course puts you straight into tuning suspension trackside.

Track Day Testing takes you trackside with Race Tech's Head of Research and Development, Rob Brown.  You will get a first-hand look into Race Tech's R&D process using test riders.

*Note: This class takes place trackside at a local motocross track

Subjects covered:

    - Clicker Changes and Results
    - Geometry Changes and Results
    - Common Scenarios and Solving Common Issues
    - How to Remove and Install Suspension during Test Sessions

Advanced Class

Tuition: $559
Prerequisite: Suspension Theory Seminar

In the Advanced Technical Edge Suspension Seminar students will continue where they left off in the Suspension Theory Class and learn more practical solutions and advanced applications. Leverage Ratio Curves, Data Acquisition, Valving theories and much more! Read up on your notes, there will be extensive class participation.

Subjects covered in more depth for Dirt and Pavement:

    -  Suspension Theory
    -  Suspension Tuning
    -  Chassis Geometry
    -  Damping, Damping Curves
    -  Leverage Ratio Curves
    -  Rear Wheel Force Curves
    -  Hydraulics Valving Theory
    -  Valving Systems
    -  Data Acquisition



Engines Seminar

: $800

What makes a "world class" engine? How do you create low end power and powerband while improving peak power at the same time? How do you build a high performance engine that will last?

For mid to advanced engine builders.

Subjects covered:

  - Engine Blueprinting
  - Cam Timing and Valve Trains
  - Engine Assembly
  - Fuels

  - Dyno Analysis Introduction
  - Flow Bench Introduction

  - Mapping Introduction
  - Valve Seat Profiles
  - Engine Failure Analysis




Leverage Ratio Dirt
Leverage Ratio Street
Spring Rate Calculation
Testing Sheet