"The best you've ridden is the best you know."
- Paul Thede
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►What is a Gold Valve and what does it do?

"I am writing to express my gratitude to RaceTech, for the work they performed on my 2004 BMW R1100S. They custom built an emulsion shock for the front ,and a piggyback design for the rear. On its maiden voyage, I went through the twisties of Ortega Highway, and was amazed. Never had the bike handled so competently. My riding confidence was significantly enhanced due to the improved handling and control."

"I would highly recommend Race Tech Suspension to any BMW rider."
Best Regards,
Allen Brooks




Get the best ride possible by installing Race Tech's Cartridge Emulators. Would you like to know why the Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator works so well? ►More Info

Race Tech's award winning Gold Valve Emulator Kits for Forks provide a personalized setup and adjustability. Gold Valves Emulators improve fork oil flow dramatically reducing harshness while actually increasing bottoming resistance (as shown with data acquisition). These Kits can often be installed by individuals interested in understanding and tuning their own suspension or they can be installed by a local Race Tech Center, Dealer or of course the Race Tech's Service Department. Gold Valve Kits include Installation Instructions, Tuning Guides and alternate parts to allow a custom setup and adjust ability for rider preference and type of riding.

►How damping rod forks and Emulators work. From the book "Race Tech's Motorcycle Suspension Bible"


 Watch Paul Thede's video that explains how Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators work! Click on the Picture or here to view: ► Gold Valve Emulator Video


Race Tech G2-R 25mm Cartride Kits

G2-R 25mm Cartridge Kits are a customized and personalized for your forks, providing a firm, plush and consistent stroke resulting in a ride that provides more "feel" and outstanding traction. Made of the highest quality materials, these complete kits come pre-valved and include fine tuning charts.

 ►See Sport Rider Magazine's test with G2-R Cartridge Kits!


Race Tech G3-S Custom Shocks for BMW Motorcycles

The ultimate rear suspension solution; Race Tech's G3-S Custom Series Shocks are custom built replacement shocks. These shocks have been tested in all types of conditions to provide the best performance. On many models G3-S Shocks add external damping adjustability. Engineered to be ultra-durable and tested to provide a plush feel with improved bottoming resistance; these shocks are state-of-the-art.

 G3-S Custom Series Features:

    -Gold Valves provide a plush feel with increased bottoming resistance.

    -Personalized valving setup

    -Custom Hi-Performance Spring with rate selected for the rider

    -Billet aluminum

    -Ultra Slick Suspension Fluid

    -Premium Heim Bearings

    -Extremely effective rebound adjuster

    -Low-friction surface treatments

    -Full technical support

    -Made in the USA

    -100% Guaranteed!


    ►More about G3-S Custom Shocks!



►Video Presentation about G3-S Custom Shocks

 ►Click here to see what we offer for your bike!




TNK Fork Tubes

TNK manufacturers OEM quality replacement fork tubes for Street, Road Race, Sport, Sport Touring, Touring and Vintage motorcycles. They are amde from the highest quality materials and generally significantly less expensive than original equipment. ►Click here for more info!


   -   Highest Quality!
   -   Reduced Friction—Titanium Coatings
   -   Four colors available (selected models)
         Chrome, Gold, Black, Red (copper)
   -   Sport, Race, Sport Touring, Touring and Vintage
   -   Made in Italy

►Search for TNK Fork Tubes

►Video Presentation about TNK Fork Tubes

Race Tech at Rallies  


Race Tech Supports Touring Enthusiasts.

Race Tech field representative Matt Wiley will again be attending the Golden Aspen Rally in Ruidoso, NM Sept 17-121 2014.

This Rally takes place in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico at the Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino & Resort. 

New for the 2014 Golden Aspen Rally is the Race Tech Sponsored Golden Aspen Rider Challenge This exciting event taking place Friday & Saturday is open to all attendees. It will also include and riding clinic hosted by Race Tech Sponsored Rider Reno Birt, Top Gun National Champion.

Watch Sample Rider Challenge Video  

This exciting event takes place Friday & Saturday at the rally. It will demonstrate the amazing riding of Reno and he will be skills coaching riders at the event! 


Matt will have Race Tech Display at the Vendor Expo and be available to answer questions about your suspension operation and improvement options.Rally specials will be available to attendees!

 Race Tech will be returning to Ruidoso again next May for the Aspen Ca$h Rally and again in September for the Golden Aspen Rally.  Rally details 

Race Tech on the Web 

 Check out these links to Race Tech Magazine Project Bikes and Product Evaluations!

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     Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator product review from our friends at LaverdaMania.com

     Upcoming Product Review in Rider Magazine Race Tech G3-S Custom Twin Shocks on BMW R75/6. Watch for it coing soon! 

     Up coming on Cafe Racer TV Race Tech G3-S Shock on Custom Cafe Build by Loaded Gun Customs


Race Tech is proud to Support

 Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic      


In today's age of high-horsepower superbikes, large-displacement cruisers and super-heavy-weight touring bikes, riding skills are more important than ever for safe, fun motorcycling. Unfortunately for experienced riders, there is a large gap between the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Experienced Rider Course (ERC) and the many racetrack schools around the country. Many riders are interested in improving their skills but are unwilling to take on the additional risks associated with a high-speed environment. If you fit into the "I'm interested, but" group, you're not alone. In fact, if you add up all the attendees of all the race schools together, they only represent a tiny percentage of street riders. This is not to say they are not good schools. To the contrary, they have much to offer. But they are not for everyone. Fortunately, Lee Parks' Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (Total Control ARC) has a solution for those experienced riders "caught in the middle," as well as those track-day junkies and racers who want to be able to further enhance their skills in a controlled environment with expert instruction. ►Read More!

Race Tech Total Control Discount for Students & Staff! 

Email Matt Wiley for TCARC Tech Support, Orders, Installs. 

Matt can also be reached at 951-279-6655 ext# 108 during regular business hours MST Monday - Friday.



We offer multiple options to improve the F800ST suspension. Most riders find the stock suspension very soft and mushy. Gold Valve Emulators and RT Hi-Performance Fork Spring are available for the Forks as well as a G2-R 25mm Cartridge Kit that adds compression and rebound adjustment. For the rear we have a G3-S Custom Series Shock. ►More Info!  



Gold Valve Emulators and HP Fork Springs retain the plush ride along with firming the forks where you need it. This gives you the versatility to get aggressive or to take it easy. Get the best of both worlds! ►Product Search


I want to express my thanks to everyone at Race Tech for transforming my low suspension BMW f650gs twin to a competent off roader. Other riders were telling me that I could not have the low suspension and decent handling off road --especially at my hefty 230lb weight. Initially they were right, the bike would hop and skip in turns uncontrollably. Then, I got Race Tech involved and the bike was transformed. I would actually describe it as a "spirited off roader". It is controllable, glides over washboard, and stays on line in sand or gravel even at elevated speeds.

Further, on top of transforming my bike, your customer service was unparalleled. I was kept informed and every option was carefully explained to me. Quite simply, you guys are the best in the business. Thank you!

Thank you, Marty Biezad


We've dramatically improved the F800GS suspension! The main complaint about the bike is it's too soft. The suspension does not perform well when pushed, on or off road. Since the stock cartridge is non-revalvable we have G2-R 25mm Cartridge Fork Kit and RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs. On the rear we've developed a G3-S Custom Series Shock that works great. ►Find out More!


The R1200GS is excellent. Our goal was to make it firmer without losing plushness. We have a G3-S Custom Series Shock for the Teleleaver front end and one for the rear. There are two versions of the G3-S Shock available for the rear - with and without a remote reservoir. ►Get More Details!


Here we go again, another BMW project bike. The R1200RT suffers from the same too soft, too mushy feel as many others do. We are offering a revalve of the stock shocks with Gold Valve Conversion Kits. We also have G3-S Custom Series Shocks. ►Get the Details



Race Tech is the place for post-vintage and vintage BMW motorcycle suspension. On many models you can transform your suspension just by adding, easy to install, Gold Valve Emulators and RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs. The difference is amazing. We have fitments for many models with telescopic forks. Check our Product Search for components to fit your bike.

"I've had this bike for 29 yrs (1981 BMW R100CS), but having you guys do the suspension was the single most dramatic performance improvement I have ever made - Truly STUNNING!!"

"Thanks again,"
Dave Tinkler


Race Tech is pleased to be exhibiting again Motorcycle Rallies


  Aspen Ca$h Rally Motorcycle Rally: Ruidoso, NM May 14-17, 2015

  Americade Rally Motorcycle Rally: Lake George, NY June 2-8, 2014

  COG Motorcycle Rally: Cortez, CO June 15-19, 2015

  AVA Motorcycle Rally: Estes Park, CO June 22-25, 2015

  Gold Rush GWTA Motorcycle Rally: Albuquerque, NM July 13-16, 2015

  STAR Motorcycle Rally: Longmont, CO July 22- 24, 2015, 2015

  Golden Aspen Rally Motorcycle Rally: Ruidoso, NM September 17-21, 2014

  Bikes, Blues, BBQ's Motorcycle Rally: Fayetteville, AK September 23-26, 2015

  Barber Vintage Festival AHRMA Road Race: Leeds, AL October 9-12 2014

  American International Motorcycle Expo  Consumer & Industry Exposition: Orlando, FL October 16-19 20144

  International Motorcycle Shows  Consumer Exposition: Selected IMS shows/cities  TBA

RT Hi-Performance Springs


-Extremely accurate rates

-The tightest tolerances in the industry

-Heat-treated and Shot-peened

-Preset to eliminate sacking-out

-Extremely lightweight

-Made in the USA

Springs are the very first option you should consider for improving your handling. RT has over 500 Hi-Performance Fork and Shock Springs.

►Find your recommended springs and spring rates.

Want a custom color?  ►Powder Coating is available!

►More spring info...


Race Tech Policies & Customer Support

  ►2014 Race Tech Catalog

At Race Tech you have choices:

  1. Purchase our Gold Valve Kits, High Performance Springs, and Ultra Slick Suspension Fluids and install them yourself.
  2. Call or Email Race Tech 951.279.6655. email Race Tech
  3. Hey, if you're really into it, check out our Suspension Seminars.
  4. Send your suspension into Race Tech Service Department for upgrades and rebuild work.
  5. Have your local Race Tech Center install them.
  6. Race Tech is at many events to answer your questions and assist with your suspension needs.
  7. If your bike is not listed in our Product Search, you have questions about applications please Email Matt Wiley Tech Support/R&D.  
  8. Matt can also be reached at 909-273-4985 during regular business hours MST Monday - Friday.

Resource Links:

►Customer Service Request Form

►Cartridge Emulator Tuning Guide

►Fork Specs Data Sheet - Damping Rods

►Custom Shock Geometry Form

RACE TECH POLICIES: At Race Tech our customers' satisfaction is vital. We put it in writing.  ►Read More!

Suspension performance is the secret to winning! It doesn't matter if you're on the Track or Street, you will be impressed at what we can do for your bike. Guaranteed!