The BMW F800GS in stock trim is a great bike, it is however, too soft and mushy when the bike is ridden aggressively, both on and off road.


The first issue is the bike is equipped with a non-rebuildable cartridge that is sealed and can not be modified. The only improvements that can be made to the stock cartridge is changing the oil weight and spring rate. This is slightly better but not enough for most riders.

Race Tech has developed a complete G2-R Cartridge replacement. The kit includes our 25mm G2-R Gold Valve and adds externally adjustable compression and rebound. Another factor contributing to a soft feel is the stock fork spring rate is very light at .44kg. The G2-R 25mm Cartridge kit and stiffer HP Forks Springs address the issues of the F800GS front end.


The stock rear shock is so soft that when ridden hard can bend the flimsy top shock mounts in the frame. We make a strengthening bracket that is a must if this bike is ridden off-road.

The rear shock is also considered non-rebuildable in stock form. The only thing that keeps it from being rebuildable is the inability to recharge the shock with nitrogen. We can add a SPNV 0812 Nitrogen Charging Valve to make it rebuildable. This allows us to use a Gold Valve and, with the selection of the proper spring, the stock shock becomes a great performer.

>G3-S Custom Series Replacement Shock

If you want the ultimate we also have 2 whole new G3-S Custom Series Shocks, piggyback and IFP (internal reservoir). These shocks have massive 19mm shafts, custom setup Gold Valves, externally adjustable rebound and a RT Hi-Performance Spring selected for your weight and riding. It's the perfect balance with the G2-R Cartridge Fork Kit.

All products made in the U.S.A. and are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Products Available for the BMW F800GS

  • G2-R 25mm Cartridge Fork Kit - External Compression and Rebound Adjusters (RT only installation)
  • RT Hi-Performance Fork Spring Kit (Special spring guides required)
  • Fork Spring Guides (Replaces stock spring guides for RT Springs )
  • G3-S Custom Series Piggyback Shock - SRSK SBMFST8007R PANN 00 - Fully Adjustable
  • G3-S Custom Series IFP Shock - SRSK SBMFGS8008R IANI 00 - No Reservoir/ with Rebound Adjuster
  • Frame Support Bracket - SPBS FM01 - This is a must or the frame bends offroad!

  • SPBS FM01 Frame Support

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G3-S Custom Series Shock mounted 

Installing the G3-S Shock

G3-S installed

BMW F800GS G3-S IFP (Internal Floating Piston) Rear Shock