Type 2-1 Marzocchi 38mm Forks 

This is an image of the typical stock setup. The piston has a piston ring that quite often is worn out. The spring perch on the top is press-fit and covers a check-ball that must be removed. There are variations, however the rest of the procedure is the same

Ducati 750GT rod pictured. The Laverda is very similar however the Adapter FPEV AD3807 P is press fit onto the top of the rod.

See also Standard Emulator Installation Instructions.

This image shows the detail after disassembly. Notice the check ball.

The spring perch is press-fit. One method of removal is to heat the perch with a propane torch. The damping rod should be held with a method that does not damage it. Note that the piston ring has been removed.

These Vice-Grips are made for damaged nut removal. A standard Vice-Grip can be used as well. This piece will be discarded so it doesn't have to be pretty.

Twist and pull up.

The ball is revealed! It must be removed along with the spring perch. The spring perch will be replaced with the Emulator Adapter.

The existing compression holes must be enlarged to 6mm (1/4"). The stock holes are shown. Two more sets of holes must be added above the existing holes at 10mm (.4") increments. Each set must be at 90 degrees to the previous set.

The adapter is a snug fit on the damping rod. It is also directional. The small end goes to the damping rod.  It helps to chamfer the end of the rod.

Ducati Style FPEV AD3808 Adapters wtih Piston Rings shown.

Laverda FPEV AD3807  Adapter has no Piston Ring and is press fit over the top of the damping rod, RT Piston Rings replace the OEM rings.

Below are the completed assemblies

Leave the stock piston ring off the Ducati 750GT

Laverda - the RT Pistion Ring FPPR 323322 replaces the stock Piston Ring

Ducati 750GT

Laverda RGS