6.1 KYB

    Adjustable Rebound - From the Top

    Kawasaki ZX-11

    No Brazing Required

Stock - Adjuster rod in cap, rebound adjuster set to #2

D-shaped adjusting rod interfaces here

Rebound adjustment commonly found in #2 position


These forks have a D-shaped rebound adjuster rod coming from the cap going down into a barrel in the the top of the damping rod. The barrel has different size holes that line up with a hole in the damping rod itself.

The adjuster rod will be cut off. This means you will be positioning the adjuster where we want it. The Emulator will sit in the cup at the top of the damping rod. There is no need for an adapter.

See Standard Emulator Installation Instructions.

Adjusted to closed #4 position ready for installation

Shorten the D-shaped adjusting rod

Remove the damping rod from the forks.  There is a 4 position adjuster in the center of the damping rod driven with the "D" shaped rod.  Position the adjuster so the damping hole is closed.

The “D” shaped adjuster rod attached to the cap must be removed with a hacksaw.  Cut the rod off within 25mm (1") from the cap.


Stock compression holes top, modified below

Enlarge and add to the compression holes at the bottom of the daping rod. This is a standard Emulator installation modification.

For damping rods 17mm in diameter and smaller enlarge the existing holes to 6mm (1/4") and add 2 additional holes 10mm (7/16") above, and perpendicular to the top set.

For damping rods larger than 17mm the 6 holes should be 8mm (5/16") in diameter.

The exact size of the holes is not critical. It is only important to have enough flow, more than enough does not hurt. Each set of two holes must be perpendicular to the last set so as not to weaken the rod.

After drilling, deburr the compression holes, inside and out.

Do not modify the rebound holes.


 Modified assembly (bottom) ready for installation

The modified assembly is on the bottom.

From the left, Emulator, damping rod with the adjuster closed and the compression feed holes enlarged (with 2 extra holes added.)