GL1800 Shock Options

GL1800 owners have two shock options:

The first option is to have the stock shock rebuilt with a Gold Valve Conversion Kit and resprung with a RT Hi-Performance Spring. The second option is a complete G3-S Custom Series Shock that includes a Rebound Adjuster.

The revised damping and spring rate will increase bottoming resistance while improving comfort. Both options are built to the rider's preference and are guaranteed.

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The first option improves the stock shock's performance by installing a Gold Valve Conversion Kit. With a slight modification, the stock "non-rebuildable" shock can be fully rebuildable.

With this option you get a custom setup Gold Valve Conversion Kit and the correct spring rate for your riding style and comfort. Guaranteed!

Gold Valve Conversion sells for $599.99 with Preload Adjuster upgrade included!


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The second option is a complete G3-S Custom Shock. These shocks include an external Rebound Adjuster and come valved and sprung specifically for the rider. Guaranteed!

G3-S Custom Shock sells for $899.99
(Plus $200 Refundable Core Charge)

NOTE: Hydraulic Preload Adjuster upgrade is an additional $144.97

G3-S Shocks are made in the USA and guaranteed!

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All GL1800 shock work is performed exclusively at Race Tech. Because we upgrade and re-use the stock Electric Hydraulic Preload Adjuster each shock is subject to a $200 core charge if a stock GL1800 replacement shock isn't received prior to the invoice date. All cores must be received by Race Tech within 30 days from the date of invoice.

$200 Shock & Electric Preload Unit Core Charge Refund

  • The shock absorber must be in rebuildable condition with no physical damage.
  • The Electric Hydraulic Preload unit must function correctly; motor must work generating preload.
  • Leaking oil seal is OK. Damaged hose is OK.
  • Core exchange must be received with in 30 days of invoice date.

Please contact us with questions regarding core charges, credits or exchanges. 951-279-6655