A Gold Valve Shock Conversion transforms your stock shock into a high performance custom suspension component. The process includes a complete rebuild, a Gold Valve setup for your riding, and spring replacement (if required).

Optional upgrades include:
►Rebound Separator Valve

►Hi-Low Speed Compression Adjustable Remote Reservoir

►Hard Anodizing where applicable (mostly mini bikes and vintage).

When you receive your shock back, bolt it on and ride. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  1. We take your stock shock, disassemble it and inspect the components for wear. If the shock shaft is damaged we can rechrome it for an additional fee.
  2. At the heart of the Conversion is the ►Shock Gold Valve. It is custom valved according to your type of riding, ability and weight. NOTE: In many vintage applications the stock piston design is grossly inadequate. Your shock is converted to the latest modern style valving.
  3. After the Shock Gold Valve is installed we reassemble your shock with Ultra Slick Suspension Fluid, set the nitrogen pressure, set the adjusters and install the proper rate RT Hi-Performance Shock Spring.

* Suspension Lowering - The suspension can be lowered for additional cost. You will need the front lowered an equal amount.

* Hard Anodizing - Some shocks do not come with hard anodizing. Hard anodizing will virtually stop the internal body wear and eliminate the associated oil contamination. ►More Details on Hard Anodizing

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