G3-S Custom Series Dual Shocks


G3-S Custom Series Dual Shocks can be built to fit any standard H-D or custom frame.

The Piggyback design is the high-end choice for Dynas, Sportsters, and V-Rods and comes standard with external compression adjustment (middle and right pic).

The IFP (Internal Floating Piston) design is the common choice of Baggers and bikes with limited space (left pic).

Both designs can be built to any length at no additional charge. Color options are available as well. Rebound adjustment is optional. A plush, controlled, and comfortable ride is guaranteed!

G3-S IFP Series (base price)


G3-S Piggyback Series (base price)



Custom Length no charge
Rebound Adjustment
add $100
Black Color Option
no charge
Custom Spring Powder-Coating
add $60

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