1981 YAMAHA YZ125-465

Click here for General G3-S Instructions.

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1. Remove the seat, fuel tank and stock shock from the motorcycle.
2. Install the shock from the back of the motorcycle reservoir first. The reservoir hose fitting will face up. Install upper and lower shock bolts and nuts.

3. Install the 6x20 Allen bolts in the two outside holes of the bracket.

4. Attach the angle bracket to the reservoir bracket. Use thread lock.

5. The existing stock reservoir bracket mounting hole will be utilized to mount the new angle bracket.
The slot in the angle bracket will locate on frame tab. The angle bracket becomes the new clutch cable guide. Locate the clutch cable behind the angle bracket.

6. Place the aluminum spacer between the angle bracket and the frame. Use the 6x30 Allen bolt and flat washer. Use blue thread lock.
The angle bracket is slotted to enable you to pull the bracket tight against the frame tab.

7. This is the properly mounted G3-S reservoir and G3-S shock.  

8.  Double check all shock and reservoir mounting hardware.  Install fuel tank and seat. Set sag.
Enjoy your ride.