*** If your shock seal head has a top-out spring it must be removed.


1.    Remove the shock from the motorcycle. Remove the spring. Clean and re-install the shock on the bike WITHOUT the spring.

2.    With the shock fully extended, push the Bottom-out Bumper all the way up until it is touching the shock body.


3.    Measure the distance from the rear axle to a near vertical fixed point on the frame, fender, body panel, etc. Record the measurement.


4.    Carefully lift the rear wheel up the exact amount you wish to lower the bike, but no further!  This will push the bottom-out bumper down the shaft the amount you need to shorten the shock.

 5.    Measure the distance between the bottom of the shock body and the top of the bottom out bumper.

6.    This distance is equal to the total length of SPLS spacer thickness you will need to install inside your shock.


7.    Disassemble shock per the factory procedure.
 *** If your shock seal head has a top-out spring it must be removed.

8.    Create a stack of SPLS Spacers equal to the length previously measured.  Install them between the seal head and base plate.  (Now would be a great time to install a Race Tech Gold Valve!)


9.    Reassemble the shock per the factory service manual.  Use high-strength thread locking compound and torque 12 and 16mm shaft nuts to 25ft-lbs (34NM).  Reinstall the shock on the bike and verify that you have lowered to your goal.
  • Shorter travel requires a STIFFER spring rate.
  • See Product Search for recommendations.
  • You may need a shorter spring as well.
10.    Shorten the forks an equal amount to maintain correct chassis geometry (internal fork lowering is required - do not compensate by moving the forks in the triple clamps).

11.    Set sag (it is reduced as well), double check all fasteners and ride!