KTM 65 SX 25mm G2-R Cartridge Kit
and Custom G3-S Shock

►Carson Mumford

Race Tech now offers 25mm G2-R Cartridges for the KTM 65SX. This G2-R Cartridge Kit is a high-performance unit that is fully adjustable to suit any rider or skill level. This kit replaces the stock sealed unit.

G2-R Cartridge Kit includes:

  • Makes compression damping more consistent through the stroke
  • Better damping drastically reduces harshness
  • Immensely improves bottoming resistance
  • Improved rebound damping enhances traction and control
  • Made of billet aluminum for light weight and excellent strength
  • Special coatings reduce friction
  • Comes with Compression and Rebound Gold Valves standard
  • Extremely effective external adjusters
  • Made in the USA!
  • Part Number: FRCK DKTSX6509 00

Race Tech also offers a G3-S Custom Shock for the KTM 65SX. Each Shock is built to order with the highest quality materials. Performance guaranteed!

 G3-S Custom Series Shock includes:

  • Custom Valved G3-LD Gold Valve
  • RT Hi-Performance Lightweight Progressive Spring
  • Precision-machined aircraft billet aluminum
  • Special coatings reduce friction
  • Hi and Lo-Speed Compression Adjustment
  • Rebound Adjustment
  • Ultra Slick Fluid
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Technical Support
  • Built to Order
  • Made in USA!
  • Part Number:  RSDKT 04PRNN

These are the best performance modifications you can buy for the KTM 65SX. Guaranteed!