Kyle Wolack has been a Race Tech support rider since 2005. Kyle started racing in the American Bicycle Association at a young age and won his first national at the age of 8. He kept racing bicycles but always had the aspiration of racing dirt bikes.

In 2001 Kyle was cast for a commercial for Centers for Disease Control and was able to save enough money to purchase his first KX65. He immediately started riding with his dad and got the hang of it pretty quickly.

As his confidence grew Kyle's dad let him race at a local level. Within no time he began doing well and was winning most races he entered. Kyle continued to excel in this class and then moved up to the 85 class. Kyle started racing the amatuer nationals on 85s.

In 2008 Kyle won Loretta Lynn's in the 250F stock novice class at the age of 16 and hasn't looked back since. Kyle has continued to train and work hard in an effort to turn pro.

We look forward to watching Kyle grow and improve and we are glad to be a part of his support. We wish Kyle the best in his future endevours.


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