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Rutherford Reunites with Race Tech

Race Tech prides itself on having a solid Rider Support Team. A big part of the team is the Privateer Mafia, a large group of riders competing on the professional level largely on their own dime hoping to catch the attention of one of the well-funded teams. Race Tech provides top of the line product, testing, and support week in and week out for the struggling privateer to help give them suspension that can compete with the factories.

During the past couple of seasons of Supercross, Bruce Rutherford used Race Tech to consistantly finish inside the top 15 in main events as a member of Race Tech's Privateer Mafia. In 2012, coming off a great ride at Round 3 of the Supercross season, Bruce was offered a support team ride and was forced to part ways with Race Tech for the remainder of the season.

After finishing out his contract, Rutherford has reunited with Race Tech and once again will headline the Privateer Mafia throughout the summer and into next season.

"One of the best parts about Race Tech's program is we get to work alongside a lot of talented riders and help elevate their program in search of the full team deal. It is definitely bitter-sweet when a rider makes that jump onto a team. We are more than just a sponsor, these riders are family to us; so we are happy for them for sure. On the flip side, it is always hard to watch a rider compete on another product; many times we are still helping them get their settings close with a competing product. It is something we do because we want the rider to succeed; the relationship with our riders is more important than business to us," stated Race Tech's Director of Marketing Chris Riesenberg.

Chris continued, "Having Bruce re-join the team is a celebration, a homecoming of sorts. It shows how much faith our riders have in Race Tech's product and staff, and we are able to pick up right where we left off. Hopefully Bruce will continue his success with us and land on a team where we can go along with him to continue providing support."


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