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Naran, Marada, and Yoder Win at World Mini

Pro Events:

Qualifying for a 450cc Supercross Main Event is no easy feat, and means you are one of the 20 best Supercross riders in the world. Last Saturday night, Cody Gilmore put his Race Tech supported KX450 into the Main Event in New Orleans for the first time in his career.

Not only did Gilmore have to overcome the adversities of being a privateer, traveling by himself to New Orleans on a shoe string budget; but he is also a cancer survivor. Here is a quote from Racer X Illustrated's Racerhead column about Gilmore:

"The title may be clinched but there are still some great stories happening in supercross, ones that would normally be overshadowed by the action at the front. One of those stories is Cody Gilmore, a privateer who has been trying since 2011 to make a 450 main—a feat he was finally able to accomplish in New Orleans. While qualifying for an AMA Supercross-class main certainly makes you one of the baddest dudes in the world on a dirt bike, the fact that Gilmore is a cancer survivor makes this story all the more interesting. When Gilmore was 18, he was diagnosed with bone cancer, and a growing tumor in his back temporarily caused him to lose all feeling in his legs. We ran a story about Gilmore in our May 2011 issue, so I won’t rip off my own article and repost it here, but needless to say, Gilmore’s recovery process wasn’t fun. Of course, surgery, radiation, feeding tubes, chemotherapy, and brittle, broken bones never are.

Fast-forward a few years to last weekend in New Orleans, where a 24-year-old Gilmore was lining up behind the gate to compete in yet another heat race.

“New Orleans was just another night,” Gilmore says. “I was by myself all weekend, I didn’t have a mechanic with me or anything, but as far as the night, it felt normal. In fact, I didn’t feel good on the track at all. In practice, I didn’t feel comfortable, it was kind of weird.” But despite feeling out of sync, Gilmore was able to put some good laps together in his heat and transfer to the main, where he would eventually finish in sixteenth place.

“I’ve made a few Lites races before, but this was the first 450 main I’ve made it into,” Gilmore explains. “I didn’t even realize it right away. I didn’t have a mechanic with me, so I didn’t know what place I was in. When I pulled off, Gus, the guy who hauls our bikes, told me I got tenth, so I was pretty bummed. But back in the pit area, I found out I had gotten ninth. I’m just happy to have finally made one! I’ve been close a few times, but for the most part I’ve been struggling all year, and it’s been tough. There was a few times that I didn’t know if I was going to keep racing, just based on funds and all that stuff. But I was able to keep going, and I’m glad I did. I’m glad I didn’t give up before the end of the year!”

Congrats, Cody, you deserve it."

Great job Cody, we're glad we have gotten to share this highlight with you.

World Mini - NMA Amateur National - Mesquite, NV:

Each spring the top amateur riders from around the world flock to the Southwest to do battle at the NMA World Mini Championships. Race Tech supported riders showed they have what it takes to top their respective classes by taking numerous wins throughout the week.

Ciaran Naran piloted his KTM 85 to multiple moto wins with the fastest lap time in every one of his 85cc thru 11 year old classes.

Bruce Marada finished up on the podium in the 25 Pro Class claiming a moto win as well.

Hunter Yoder participated in his first major national. He ran up front all week long and claimed his first national moto win on his Cobra 50. Yoder was awarded with a Factory Cobra ride when the week was finished.

In the 250 and 450 Pro divisions, Kyle Wolack and Brandon Scharer lined up against the who's who of amateurs looking to graduate to the pro ranks next year. Both riders ran well inside the top 5 most of the week and showed they have the speed to claim championships this summer.

Kaden Kniffing showed strong on his KTM65 taking multiple top 5 finishes throughout the week. He's improving at each event and is starting to become a regular at the front of the pack at National Events.

Jason Dowell finished up inside the top 10 on his YZ85 in the 14-16 year old division at Mesquite.

Off-Road Events:

Team Rockwell/FirePoliceMX.com/Race Tech supported Supercross rider Killy Rusk took a break from his stadium training to participate in the WEBE Offroad Event over the weekend. Rusk took the win over fellow Race Tech rider Cody Schaefer who finished second.





-Kyle Schaefer Photo

RT Riders Killy Rusk and Cody Schaefer finished 1-2 at the WEBE Offroad Event


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