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Next Generation Suspension Explained

With loads of new technology to talk about, the upcoming Race Tech Technical Edge Suspension Seminars are a must-attend event for anyone working with suspension. Race Tech will take an indepth look at all the new trends in suspension including:

Pneumatic Spring Fork (PSF or "air forks")

Separate Function Fork (SFF)

Big Piston Forks (Found in many street and minibike applications)

Many new shocks designs

Race Tech will diagnose how these suspension systems work, and show you the do's and don'ts while servicing this next generation of suspension.

All previous graduates of the RT Technical Edge Suspension Seminars may attend to learn about the changes in suspension technology for a drastically discounted rate!

Race Tech Suspension Seminar Classes

October 6-7th - Suspension Theory: Learn the why behind the what. The facts behind how suspension works.

October 8-9th - Shop Skills: How to properly service suspension and valving.

October 10th - Kinelogix: Using data acquisition

October 11-12th - Advanced: A continuation of the Theory course, with more practical solutions and advanced applications.


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