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CRF250L Fork and Shock Upgrades from Race Tech

Honda recently launched a new entry into the dual sport market with their very economical and extremely fun 2013 CRF250L. The small price tag compared to many similar models combined with great fuel economy makes this bike a popular buy; however, through testing we found the stock suspension is in need of some serious upgrades.

In stock form, the forks, featuring a single spring design are undersprung for any rider over 100 pounds, and the non-rebuildable rear shock lacks the ability for tuning an extremely undersprung and under-damped rear end. Race Tech went to work on the CRF250L's suspension and ended up making this popular model boast an extremely plush ride on the street with great bottoming resistance and consistency on the trail, all the while increasing traction.

RT Hi-Performance Spring Kit for CRF250L Forks

With limited travel, adding a stiffer spring in the right leg only per the stock design was not a viable option. Race Tech instaed offers an RT Hi-Performance Spring Kit to add a stiffer spring to the other fork. (The overall spring rate in the forks is the average spring rate between both legs.) With the stock spring rate only useful to a 100lb. novice rider, this upgrade will make a drastic improvement in the CRF250L's handling for most riders.

Part Number: FRSP 3951K50

Retail Price: $99.99

Gold Valve Fork Kit with Compression and Rebound Valves

Through testing and development, Race Tech found the stock CRF250L valving to be extemely soft. A Gold Valve Kit featuring both Compression and Rebound valves provides excellent bottoming resistance with a nice plush feel. These kits come with a personalized valving stack 100% guaranteed to outperform your highest expectations on the street and in the dirt.

Part Number: FMGV 2002C

Retail Price: $169.99

Race Tech G3-S Custom Series Shock

Because the stock shock on the 2013 CRF250L is non-rebuildable and offers insufficient adjustment, Race Tech has built a bolt on replacement shock to cure an undersprung and under-damped stock setup. Race Tech's G3-S Custom Series Shocks are truly custom with spring rates and valving picked specific to each rider. Each shock is built to order featuring Gold Valves to guarantee a plush feel and great bottoming resistance while also providing more traction than any other setup on the market.

Race Tech offers an IFP (internal floating piston) design with rebound adjustment for the 2013 CRF250L.

Part Number: RSDHO 26IRNN

Retail Price: $749.99


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