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The Autism MX Project was founded to bring awareness, understanding, and acceptance to Austism within the Motocross community. With no known cause of Autism, we only hope that projects like Austim MX can help find the missing pieces of the puzzle. Race Tech has partnered with Autism MX to spread awareness and raise funds to research Autism.

"I first heard about Autism MX because quite a few of our support riders were running Autism MX logos on their bikes. My nephew, Elijah, is autistic and the son of a racer; it hit close to home and gave me hope that some day the little boy in my life would be able to ride just like his dad and uncle. After speaking with Mathew and hearing his story, Race Tech had to get involved. Our involvement with this project will definitely continue to grow," said Race Tech's Director of Marketing Chris Riesenberg.

Race Tech will be on hand April 15th to donate prizes and provide suspension setups at the 1st Annual Ride for Awareness Day presented by Autism MX and Cahuilla Creek MX. If you are in the area, plan to be at a great event for an amazing cause.

Michael Horban and Ben Lamay proudly support Autism MX.

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To learn more about Autism MX, the 1st Annual Ride for Awareness Day, or the Autism MX day camps; please visit AutismMX.com.

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