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May 15, 2012

Hi Folks,

At Race Tech, we have a large grassroots rider support program. This program allows us to get feedback from riders competing a large variety of models, and for us to test new products and settings with a large sample of riders.

We've heard from many riders that the new generation Yamaha YZ450F feels stink bug and has a busy feeling rear end. At Race Tech, we look forward to bikes like this and gladly accept the challenge to improve the handling.

On the YZ450F, we worked with support rider Ben Lamay to develop settings. After numerous sessions of testing and tuning with Ben, we called up Racer X's David Pingree to give it an un-biased review.

If you have a 2010-12 YZ450F, we'd like to offer you the chance to try the same setup that Ping tested for Racer X with a 100% money back guarantee. Give our friendly sales staff a call and ask for the Racer X YZ450F Package.

Enjoy the ride,

Paul Thede


Racer X YZ450F Package

for 2010-12 YZ450F

The latest generation YZ450F has known handling issues. To resolve those issues, Race Tech is offering the Racer X YZ450F Package including Springs, Gold Valves, Oil, and Labor.

The first step to properly setting up any motorcycle's suspension is a proper spring-rate. Race Tech's Hi-Performance Springs are known as the best in the business.

Initially, Gold Valves give the bike a much plusher feel over the small bumps and chatter. Gold Valves are also scientifically engineered to provide great bottoming resistance on hard landings. The Gold Valve kit for the YZ450F is designed to settle down the busy rear end and provide great feel to the rider's hands.

To get rid of the stink bug feeling, the shock is lowered. This provides a much more stable, balanced and predictable feel.

-RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs
-RT Hi-Performance Shock Spring
-Compression Fork Gold Valve
-Rebound Fork Gold Valve
-Shock Gold Valve
-Personalized Fork and Shock Valving
-RT Ultra Slick Suspension Fluid


Package Price: $1129.89 plus tax

-OEM replacement parts not included




Watch the Racer X Tested Feature:



To order call Race Tech's Michelle Marshall at: 951.224.7945 and ask for the Racer X YZ450F Package.

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