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A handful of the Race Tech team is packing up and driving east to support our riders, dealers, and Centers from California to the Midwest. Through late July and early August, keep an eye out for the Race Tech Suspension crew at a track in your area. We'll be visiting dealers, Centers, and most importantly testing with our riders at various tracks and events throughout the entire journey.


Race Tech Midwest Tour - Day 1

Day one of the Race Tech Midwest Tour kicked off with an early alarm in Corona, CA. Loaded with a ton of Race Tech product bumper to bumper, the Race Tech funmover that will double as home for the RT crew for a few weeks hit the open road. Rob, Sydney, and Jeremy were enroute as the sun began to rise into view.

The first stop on the tour was in Phoenix, Arizona where Race Tech's marketing guru Chris was picked up to join the adventure. Once on the road again, the crew was greeted by some great scenery leaving the Phoenix. It was unanimous throughout the RV, "We wish we were on motorcycles in this great terrain!"

As we're ready to publish this, the journey continues across New Mexico. We made a pit stop in Albuquerque for some much needed ice cream to cool off. The sun has set over the mountains and the journey continues.

More from Day 1...

An early start to the day to get on the road!

And we're off. A few miles to go!

The scenery in the mountains outside of Phoenix made us wish we were on motorcycles!

Where to next?

We look to continue driving through the night through Texas, Oklahoma, and into Kansas. We're hoping to make good time and visit our riders and friends at the Pierce Motorsports event tomorrow night in Waterloo, IA for some Saturday night racing action!