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A handful of the Race Tech team is packing up and driving east to support our riders, dealers, and Centers from California to the Midwest. Through late July and early August, keep an eye out for the Race Tech Suspension crew at a track in your area. We'll be visiting dealers, Centers, and most importantly testing with our riders at various tracks and events throughout the entire journey.


Race Tech Midwest Tour - Day 2

Day two of the Midwest Tour continued on through the night from Day 1. Sometime throughout the evening we passed through Texas and into Oklahoma. As the sun began to rise, we almost made it out of Oklahoma... but not without a morning visit from a fan from the Oklahoma State Patrol. Luckily, everything checked out okay and we were back on the road after a few questions and a tour of his squad car.

Running short on time, we decided to stay east and head straight to Joliet MX to catch their Saturday night racing action. After leaving California just before 6am Friday morning, we arrived as the evening's racing action was getting ready to start on Saturday evening. We checked out the local talent, met with Rick Dickinson; the man behind the scenes at Rockford, IL Race Tech Center 4-PR Performance. Before the sun set, we took a trip over to the outdoor track at Joliet MX and accessed the prep and track to see what needed tweaked before the Race Tech Test and Tune Days.

Finally, we loaded up into the Fun Mover and headed to visit some family in the area. We got a real shower and some great homecooked pasta before passing out for the evening.

More from Day 2...

After driving through the night and a visit from our the OK State Patrol, we made it to Joplin, MO. After getting some fuel, we had a quick breakfast and tour inside this giant truck stop.

This cowboy was so surprised to see the Race Tech crew he couldn't move.

We thought about trading the RV in for this flatbed truck. It could haul atleast 2 bikes!

Rolling into Joliet MX for some Saturday Night racing action!

A bum or part of the Race Tech team camping outside to enjoy the nice weather? We aren't sure either.

Where to next?

With a fresh nights sleep, some great food, and a real shower; the team heads back to setup and prepare Joliet MX for the Race Tech Test and Tune Days.