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A handful of the Race Tech team is packing up and driving east to support our riders, dealers, and Centers from California to the Midwest. Through late July and early August, keep an eye out for the Race Tech Suspension crew at a track in your area. We'll be visiting dealers, Centers, and most importantly testing with our riders at various tracks and events throughout the entire journey.


Race Tech Midwest Tour - Days 3-5

Day three of the Midwest Tour allowed the Race Tech team to sleep in a bit. We headed out to Joliet to begin setting up the truck and prepping the track for RT Test and Tune Days shortly after lunch. To make sure the track was in great shape for the riders, we added a new 95 foot triple along with tilling and watering the track through the night. We also added in some technical rollers and man-made roughness to help suspension testing.

A few of our riders rolled in Sunday afternoon to get suspension work done before riding on Monday. The temps were roasting Sunday with a lot of humidity. That coupled with our generater failing made for a toasty few days at the track.

Monday morning, clear skies greeted the Race Tech crew as riders started rolling in for a great couple days of riding and testing. Bouncing between testing and building suspension, the RT team was busy all day long. With over 25 Race Tech riders attending the event, we were thankful that Rick from RT Center, 4-PR Performance made his way out to work. He also prepared the Race Tech team a state-of-the-art suspension rack.

Working into the evening, re-prepping the track for Tuesday and building suspension for testing on Tuesday; the RT team was beyond grateful when one of the awesome members of our Rider Support Team brought some amazing pizza and pasta from his Chicago area restaraunt Nonnie's. If you are ever in the area, look them up for some amazing food!

Throughout the night, the thunder, lightning and winds rolled over the race track. An early morning trip outside to save the awnings came just in time. Somehow, we missed the massive rains that hit a few miles away and the track was saved for Tuesday.

A handful of more Race Tech riders cruised in Tuesday for more testing. We strapped the GoPro on a few riders to capture some footage and had a great time testing, tuning, and bench racing with our riders and their families.

We ended Tuesday by passing out RT stickers to all the kids riding for the open ride day at Joliet and talking with the Illinois riders. It was cool hearing about their experiences with Race Tech.

More from Days 3-5...

This fun step up got a face-lift before the riders took the track. The RT team worked hard to make sure the riders had a great track to test on.

Rob Brown tuning a set of Dungey edition KTM 450 suspension at nearly 3am. After testing this set out the next day, RT intermediate rider Jered Holker said, "It feels great, I don't know where it could be better. It is all rider from here."

Track work went nearly all night long at Joliet to make for great conditions for the riders.

Race Tech's Rockford, IL Center, 4-PR Performance came out to help support the event.

A little two stroke action hitting the new Joliet triple that launches riders over 95 feet to a rolling landing. The faster RT riders were having some fun on this leap while the minis had a fun little tabletop to hit followed by a single.

Where to next?

After two amazing days at Joliet for RT Test and Tune Days, the Race Tech team heads to the 28th running of the Lake County Fair SX in Grayslake, IL.