2011-2015 BMW F700GS

Click here for General G3-S Instructions.

Note: Click on the images to enlarge.

1. Remove the stock shock absorber according to procedures in the BMW service manual.
2. Install G3-S with reservoir line facing the back of the motorcycle.

3. Install the upper and lower shock bolts and torque to factory specification.  Using the included frame clamp, attach the reservoir to frame as shown.  The reservoir should be located as far to the outside (away from the chain and swingarm) as possible, if you have hard bag mounts (like in the picture) the reservoir should almost touch the hard bag mount.  
The clamp should also be located as high as possible as shown.  Use the picture as a reference noting the arch of the hose and the position of the clamp on the passenger peg frame rail.

4. Set your rider sag to the number specified on your included setup sheet.  Double check all bolts.  Enjoy your ride.