The vintage/ post vintage market is really taking off for us. We have received lots of requests to do what we do, make custom suspension components. This bike, the 81 YZ465 is no different. The customer wanted a G3-S Custom Series Shock made for it.

The front end has Gold Valve Emulators and HP Fork Springs. These were installed a few months ago. It works so well, along with our Gold Valve Shock Conversion, the customer want to see how good we could make his YZ465 with a new custom built shock. The problem with most of the older bikes is the shocks wear out. Mostly because they are not anodized. Another reason they have not been serviced in a very long time. Our plan is to offer new shock bodies, reservoir hoses and reservoir conversions. We will keep you up to date on that. Now back to the G3-S shock.

Gold Valve Shock Conversion Kit w/ Springs

Todd Davis, our in house shock specialist came up with a few ideas. His first, to make a Piggyback Reservoir style completely adjustable, then a Remote Reservoir shock and finally, Non-Reservoir shock. That make three different shocks! We also offer the Gold Valve Conversion Kit for the YZ465. More Details. We will have pics of the new shocks early next week. Testing of the new shock will occur next week and there will be plenty of pics at the track. Stay Tuned.

Testing Update: August 31st

The testing of the Gold Valve Conversion Kit went awesome. The shock worked great, super plush on the small chop and killer bottoming resistance. I felt like a true hero on the bike. I was able to clear all the jumps. I can up a little short a few times and the shock sucked it up like nothing. I also tried to G3-S, it worked well and it needed to be a bit stiffer. All around it worked great. Really plush and like I said just a bit too soft. We are going back out this week with some different settings. I think well be able to put this baby to bed after the next test.

Race Test: October 5

Ryan Chapin Vet Expert Motocrosser of the Fire & Police Motocross Nationals had this to say after racing the G3-S and Fork Gold Valve Emulator equipped YZ465, "One of the best suspensions I've ever been on. It worked better then a new stock 450 four stroke.

1981 YZ465


Stock shock removed for R&D

The Beast

1981 YZ465 G3-S Piggyback Reservoir Shock

G3-S Piggyback Shock mounted