Nitrogen Charging Bolt Installation - SPNV 0512
WP Shocks

The Nitrogen Charging Bolt replaces the original Allen bolt on the reservoir. You will need a Nitrogen Needle (TSNN 01).

SPNV 0512 can be used on many "non-rebuildable" shocks. â–ºClick here for instructions.

Fits all current WP piggyback shocks.

SPNV 0512 is excellent for small quantities of shocks. If you service a large volume of WP Shocks please consider TSNC 02 - Add to Cart

Supplies Needed

SPNV 0512 - Nitrogen Charging Bolt -  Add to Cart

TSSN 01 - Nitrogen Charging Needle -  Add to Cart


Step 1 - Remove the OEM Allen bolt on the shock reservoir. Install the o-ring and washer on the Charging Bolt (SPNV 0512). Install the charging bolt assembly.

Step 2 - Charge the shock to manufacturer's suggested pressure with a Nitrogen Needle (TSNN 01). Once the correct pressure is achieved pull out the needle.