Nitrogen Charging Bolt
for WP Shocks

WP shocks can be difficult to rebuild because of the stock nitrogen charging system. The Nitrogen Charging Bolt (SPNV 0512) replaces the original Allen bolt at the bottom of the reservoir. You will need a Nitrogen Needle (TSNN 01) instead of the costly OEM tool.

Fits all current WP piggyback shocks.

SPNV 0512 - Nitrogen Charging Bolt -  Add to Cart

TSSN 01 Nitrogen Charging Needle -  Add to Cart

SPNV 0512 is excellent for small quantities of shocks. If you service a large volume of WP Shocks you should consider TSNC 02 - Add to Cart

SPNV 0512 Installation

Step 1 - Locate OEM Allen bolt at the bottom of the shock reservoir.

Step 2 - Remove OEM Allen bolt and replace with a Nitrogen Charging Bolt (SPNV 0512).

Note: Use thread lock to keep the charging screw from vibrating loose.

Step 3 - Charge the shock to manufacturer's suggested pressure with a Nitrogen Needle (TSNN 01). Once the correct pressure is achieved simply pull out the needle.