ST1300 Suspension Mods

The Honda ST1300 has become a staple of the Sport Touring and Iron Butt communities since its introduction in 2002. These bikes have made their presence known simply by the twist of the throttle. They have become the workhorse for many police departments as well. Honda has built a well constructed machine in both performance and looks; however it seems they’ve turned their cheek (or pocket book) away from the suspension.

The stock suspension on the ST1300 is incredibly under-sprung and softly damped causing poor braking, limited bottoming resistance and a harshness over high-speed bumps.  In addition, the front end also has a tendency to dive at low speeds, or bottom when hitting even the smallest of bumps.

With both the front and rear mods, you will experience an increased level of comfort, improved handling, and a performance that far exceeds the stock suspension - guaranteed.

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Hi-Performance Springs

Selecting a ►Hi-Performance Springs with a rate that is correct for the rider, passenger, and/or luggage is the first step toward improving the ST1300 suspension.

Proper front and rear spring rates will increase the useable travel by increasing ride height in the stroke, and provide improved braking, handling or control with an increased bottoming resistance.

- Fork Springs - (FRSP S3827 Series)
- Shock Spring - (SESP 60225 Series)
     (Requires Spring Collar SPSC P575516)

►Click here to find the proper Spring Rate for you.

Fork Valving Option 1

Fork Gold Valve Kits

Revalving the compression and rebound valves with ►Gold Valve Kits for the forks and shock is the next step. Gold Valves achieve a plush feel while improving bottoming resistance, handling and control.

Fork Gold Valve Kit - FMGV S2057C


Fork Valving Option 2

Fork Cap Gold Valve Kit

The ►Fork Cap Gold Valve Kit is the best performance upgrade available for the ST1300. This Fork Cap Kit offers external compression, rebound, and preload adjustments, and includes a complete set of our Gold Valves.

Fork Cap Gold Valve Kit

FCGV S4210001


Shock Valving Option 1

Shock Gold Valve Kit

Our Shock Gold Valves are a proven bolt-on shock valving system that improves control, traction, performance and bottoming resistance. The increased flow area puts valving control on the shim stack for outstanding tuneability.

Shock Gold Valve Kit - SMGV S4001

Note: The Shock Gold Valve Kit is a Race Tech Only service installation. Call 951.279.6655


Shock Option 2

Custom G3-S Shock

The G3-S Custom Shock comes valved with a Gold Valve and has an Internal Floating Piston, rebound adjustment, and the option of a hydraulic preload adjustment. All G3-S shocks are custom sprung and valved to the customers spec and guaranteed to improve traction and comfort.

G3-S Shock RSSHO 05IRN

Note: This shock offers a Hydraulic Preload option and, because it is custom, is ordered directly through RT Sales 951.279.6655