Matt, the race season is over . Hodakas took mostly gold medals on the three 2-day ISDT rides this year, with a few silvers. The bikes I sponsored, three teams of three, plus a few misc. bikes all ran great and the riders had great experiences, even converting a few modern day bike racers to Hodakas. The emulators and rear shocks made racing this year great. Thanks for all your support and thanks for the banners which we put on the E-Z ups. Your products are great and we look forwards to a new race season in 2012.

-Dave Rozier Hodaka Racing, MO


Dear Matt,

I have been racing motocross for more than 40 years, and I rely on Racetech to handle the suspension needs of my vintage racers! Competing on these older bikes, on modern tracks, requires a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in modernizing 30 year old technology. I rely on Matt Wiley, who works with my machines, at the track, to make sure that I am competing on the best possible equipment!! Thank you Matt and Racetech!

-Fred Guidi #900 AHRMA National Motocross Director

Dear Race Tech,

After almost 20 years of vintage racing the first thing I do when preparing a bike for re-entry is tear it down for a thorough cleaning and a meticulous reassembly effort that that always includes fitment of a race springs with gold valves in the forks and a fresh set of G3-S shocks for the rear. A Race Tech suspension refresh is the single best improvement you can make to your favorite vintage machine and Race Tech makes it easy to do and it just works!

-JIm Radcliff 'Bugeye Racing' St. Louis, MO

Photo from the AHRMA vintage MX round#9 at Sky High MX Park in Old Appleton, MO June 28th 2014 by track photographers “Sweet Snake Productions”.

My bike is a 1975 Honda XL125K1 that I bought new and used as a street bike before I had a car.  I have drag raced it, rode observed trials, rode national Enduros, rode motocross,  rode hair scrambles, entered in the 1997 Flat River Gran Prix, the bike was on display at St. Louis Honda Motorcycle’s grand opening in 1976 as an “XR” teaser before Honda introduced them a few years later.  

I have been riding and racing since age 14 and am 57, racing AHRMA. With the help of Race-Tech G3-S shocks and Gold Valve Emulators, I am currently in the number one spot in the   50 Missouri Vintage Series, and #4 in the AHRMA Sportsman 125 Expert class nationally.

 -Radical Rich Pierce AHRMA# X34

 Dear Race Tech,

Dirt Works in Tacoma WA. set up my 3 YZ Yamahas with fork springs, and Gold Valve Emulator. What a difference! Last year during the VDR series at the Eddieville MX park in Goldendale I won both my motos, and finished 3-4 overall in the 50 Evo am OPEN class..1st overall 125, then I finished 3-4, for 4th overall at the Washougal Racer X evo race in the 125 class...and I'm 55 years old!

I have been racing the 125 Evo class, but recently finished my newest project, an Evo 100, and my 81 YZ 250 Evo weapon is almost completed. All 3 bikes feature Race Tech products. The 125 and 250 have 43mm forks, and the 100 uses a set of 38mm units. I am still working out the bugs and learning how to fine tune the forks, but the difference over stock is amazing.

I have tried to "modernize" the look of my classics, to attract more riders to our huge NW vintage and evo race series, and recently was invited to show my bikes at the AMA Washougal National, where Roger Decoster and Ryan Dungeys mechanic stopped by to complement me on my 2 displayed bikes, AND superhero Ryan Villopoto stopped me while I was riding to the display area to check out my 125. Team Yamaha also invited me to the hauler to take a pic in front of their semi truck...pretty cool!. Thanks for the great stuff, keep it coming. Here’s my 100, and 125 bikes...modernized, state of the art, Evo weapons.

-Robert Fish, WA


I would like to thank everyone at Race Tech who helped me, explained every detail and went over any questions I had about my suspension.. I received my KX rear Ohlins shocks after Race Tech rebuild & revalve, slapped in on my bike and took off on a ride that I didn’t want to end. It felt like was riding a Cadillac over huge rocks! Race tech tailored my rear shock specifically for me and I couldn’t be happier!!! Thank again Race Tech!!


Thank you Race Tech for being Sponsors of the Rvierport National! Having Matt at the races providing Race Tech Rider Support each year is wonderful! 

- Diamond Don Jefferson, TX



Bill is a legend among legends in the motorcycle world. His kind heart and humble demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing to support  the fastest 70 yr old MX racer around.

"Paul, thanks for the help on my '74 Husky. The suspension is "magic". I am now able to hit a square edge at any speed and it was like it wasn't there."

Thanks, Bill Silverthorn