Flow Restrictor Installation
2015 Showa SFF Air Forks

This is a short overview for installing Showa SFF Flow Restrictors. The Seal Head removal portion of this instruction is also how the cartridge seal is replaced.

Once again those are the photogenic hands of Master Suspension Technician Alan "AJ" Peck.

Click on images to enlarge.

D1-  Note the peening on the cartridge.

D2- There are two ways to deal with the punch mark peening. The first way is to drill out the punch marks only down through the outer tube or...

D3- shock the threads. This is my favorite. It looks a bit crude but is very clean and easy. Notice that the cartridge is resting flat on a plate.
Hammer on the cartridge at the punch mark on a piece of aluminum plate (thicker than 6mm or 1/4" works nicely). This will shock the thread and, many times allows it to come apart by hand.

D4- Loosen the cartridge seal head with an Allen Socket.

D5- Remove the cartridge seal head.

D6- Locate the peening on the circlip holder.

D7- There is a thin retaining collar that has four places peened over. Using a pick tool (this one is a Snap-On), rotate the ring until the wire circlip opening straddles one of the peened over areas.

D8-  With a 90-degree pick, find the end of the round wire circlip. Remove the circlip by gently prying it up just past the peening.

D9- Rotate the circlip holder to help the circlip slide out.

D10- Remove the circlip and circlip holder.

D11- Remove the Flow Restrictor...
Installation in the reverse order. Make sure to use Hi- Strength Thread Lock on the Seal Head thread.