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Radial Pin Spanner



TFPS R5701

The Radial Pin Spanner has lots of uses. It has tapered pins so it can fit many hole sizes

On most Twin-Chamber Forks it can be used to remove Compression Holders to get to the Pressure Spring and Compression Post

It can also be used as a Fork Spring Compressor on lots of street bikes with cartridges (although the TFSC 01 Spring Compressor is MUCH better!)

Pin Spanners


TMPS Series

If you have ever used a Pin Spanner you have probably had one slip out and damage the hole. RT Pin Spanners have a unique pin design with a reverse taper to keep them from popping out during use.

Each pin set is double sided

Hardened Tool Steel

Note-the sizes listed are of the actual pin diameter

Use the largest pin that fits in the hole to avoid breakage

3 pins - 6 sizes total:
2.6/3.3, 3.8/4.3, and 4.8/5.3mm

Replacement Pins sold in pairs.

Item CodeDescription
TMPS 26332.6 & 3.3 Spanner
TMPS 38433.8 & 4.3 Spanner
TMPS 48534.8 & 5.3 Spanner
TMPS P2633 P2.6/3.3
Replacement Pins
TMPS P3843 P3.8/4.3
Replacement Pins
TMPS P4853 P4.8/5.3
Replacement Pins

We also offer other Pin Spanners specific to their applications including:

TSPS Series - for WP PDS Compression Needles
TFCH PS24050 - WP KTM 65 Fork Seal Heads
TFCW PS38048 - WP 4CS Fork Caps
TFCW 50H - WP 50mm Hex & 29 x 4.8 Pin Spanner Fork Caps

Suspension Vise Jaws (aluminum)


TMVJ 065

RT Suspension Vise Jaws gently, yet firmly, hold fork tubes, fork legs and other round objects in a “V” down to a diameter of 12.5mm (½”).

The “V” is offset and overhangs the edge of the standard vise jaw to provide clearance for large diameter tubes.

Fits many 4 to 6.5” Craftsman, Wlton, DeWalt, and other vises with removable jaws. The jaws have a bolt spacing of 2.5, 3, and 3.5 inches. They can be drilled to fit other vises too.

Bonus!! Has pop-up pins to hang TFSH Shaft Holding Tools. This means the Shaft Holding Tools don't fall into the oil pan every time you use them.

Double Bonus!! With the use of the MTB Add-on Kit these are awesome for MTB forks.

Comes with M6x1.0 and 1/4"-20 mounting bolts.

Additional Images

MTB Add-on Kit for TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws


NEW! 11-2023


This is an add-on to the TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws for use on MTB forks. It includes a Support Pin and two Protection Sleeves.

The Support Pin fits into the holes in the end of the Vise Jaws and keeps the fork from rotating. The Protection Sleeves get wrapped around the fork tubes to keep them from getting beat up. This is simple and easy to use. With the Support Pin the forks do not require much pressure to hold.

If you already have earlier TMVJ 065 Vise Jaws and they don't have holes in the end you can modify them by drilling 1/2" holes 1.1" deep (or maybe it's time for a new set of jaws).

14x100 Allen Hex



This is a long 14mm Allen. It is a must for working on Grom forks

Drive it with a 14mm socket


Grom forks also require a TFSH 31 shaft holding tool for the fork tube




Excellent quality, great price. Chrome Vanadium, deep 6 point sockets.

Includes 8,10,12,14 and 17mm




Based on Paul Thede’s wildly popular Technical Edge Suspension Seminars taught around the world, this step-by-step guide explains how suspension works!

The mysterious art of suspension is demystified!