GL1800 Fork Gold Valve



What does the ultimate front end feel like? It is controlled, doesn't dive excessively, and is firm yet plush at the same time. Stock cartridge forks, at best, are a compromise and some are downright poor. The fact that you have a cartridge system doesn't necessarily mean that it works well. The stock valving systems can be modified but they all have major limitations. The solution is to install Gold Valves. By improving the piston design we are able to give outstanding performance and tuneability.

The GL1800 has special issues. The forks have a damping rod in one side and a cartridge in the other. For the cartridge side we use Compression and Rebound Gold Valves that allow custom setup. On the Damping Rod side a Gold Valve Emulator is used. RT Hi-Performance Springs are used in place of the overly-soft stockers. The combination of springs and damping give proper ride height and dive control. The result is an excellent front end without the big price tag.

►We have solutions for the rear shock too.