Hi-Performance Fork Springs

RT Hi-Performance Fork Springs are very high quality. These springs are made from special chrome silicon wire (only available from two foundries in the world), they have a high stiffness to mass ratio, are shot-peened and heat treated. These are the finest springs available!

  • Chrome Silicon Spring Wire
  • Shot-Peened and Heat-Treated for durability
  • Accurate Rates
  • No Sacking-Out
  • High Stiffness-to-Mass Ratio (light weight for the rate)

Click Here for recommended spring rates

Most manufacturers hold their spring rates within 5%. This means a spring marked 5.0 kg/mm could be a 4.75 or even 5.25. It also means a spring marked 5.0 could be the same rate as one marked 5.4! Our Hi-Performance Springs are subjected to rigorous quality control standards to ensure an accurate rates. They are also heat-treated for durability. These springs have the highest "stiffness to mass ratio", meaning they are light weight for the rate.